Rainier Athletes started as a pilot program in spring 2013, with a simple goal to place 3 struggling fifth-grade students at Lake Hills Elementary School on their first ever sports team. By covering the costs for all the gear and registration fees necessary to play Little League Baseball, pairing each student with a dedicated mentor, and motivating classroom achievement with the opportunity to play, these three students have realized tremendous success. After 7 years, these 5th graders have now been a part of over 40 teams combined and have just recently entered their senior year of high school, all three joining their high school sports teams. More over, 100 additional students have been identified and selected into the Rainier Athletes community and compete on organized youth sports teams ranging from gymnastics, AAU basketball, football, soccer, and many more. With the continued support from our community of donors and volunteers, Rainier Athletes:

  • Sponsors and mentors over 100 students across 11 Bellevue School District locations for the 2019-2020 academic year. We now serve 4 out of 5 Bellevue Title I schools, those schools with large low-income, diverse student populations

  • Supports a 60-person mentor team, leaders from within our community who partner closely with teachers, parents and coaches to ensure around-the-clock engagement and support.

  • Partners with over 30 community sports leagues to ensure that our student-athletes are receiving the support that they need to be successful both on and off the field


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