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 Hello Future STF 2019 Table Captain!

Table captains are vital to the success of this event and ultimately the sustainability of Rainier Athletes impact. Because of people like YOU, those who are willing to be a champion within their network, Rainier Athletes is able to continue our work serving our amazing students and families. I realize that “asking” for anything from close friends, family and colleagues can be uncomfortable. Frankly, it can feel really weird. I also realize that the act-of-asking is a necessary act-of-courage that allows us to go above and beyond on behalf of the young people in our Rainier Athletes community who deserve every opportunity to simply be a kid!

The ultimate goal of a table captain is fill a table of 10 people, so 8 or 9 more including you. As a table captain you recognize the needs of Rainier Athletes and will craft your message to an audience who are willing to contribute their time, talents and/or treasures ($$$) in order to fulfill our greatest needs. Financially speaking, there are a few options to fill the table: 

  1. You can purchase the table ($1,000) and invite your guests at no cost to them

  2. You can purchase the table ($1,000) and kindly ask your guests to reimburse you the appropriate amount for their seats ($100 per seat). 

  3. You can purchase your own ticket(s) for $100 each and direct your guests to also purchase their tickets from the website: You will then send the list of those at your table (names/couples and emails) to us at

There are many ways in which you can craft your message to your audience. The more personal the message, the more impactful. Personal phone calls, texts and emails are ideal. I’ve also put together an example email and facebook post I recommend you use for your outreach. An email can either be sent to a group of potential guests or you are certainly welcome to personalize the email and send separately to each guest. 

Questions?! Shoot us a note by clicking here!

Thank you for your vital support.

In partnership,


Executive Director & Founder, Rainier Athletes

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