Affirming our youths sense of purpose and belonging by intentionally connecting a community of teachers, coaches, families, and mentors.



Quick history of Rainier Athletes

Starting in the Spring of 2013, the Rainier Athletes (RA) Program, under the fiscal sponsorship of Jubilee REACH, kicked-off its pilot season at Lake Hills Elementary in Bellevue, WA. The mission was simple: use sports and mentorship to direct at-risk students towards a path to achievement and to close a growing opportunity gap within Bellevue’s community. Working closely with the principal and key teacher advocates at Lake Hills Elementary, five students were selected for the 2013 pilot season. Equipped with a $1,000 seed donation, Founder and Executive Director Jesse Franklin enrolled the students into baseball and served as the program’s first mentor.

Fast forward to October 2016, Rainier Athletes achieved 501(c)3 status, formed an independent board, and hired its first employees. Although the organization has grown and evolved immensely, our core mission remains focused:

At our core, Rainier Athletes is a network of individuals, organizations, and ideas binding together to empower the kids in our neighborhood with a deeper sense of belonging.

RAinier Athletes Mentor Model

Rainier Athletes’ unique wrap-around approach to mentoring transcends what is typical of a mentor-mentee relationship. Beyond the relationship built with the student, our community of mentors foster an authentic connection between each student’s teachers, coaches, and families.

Building an entire network of support, rather than a single outlet, the child feels a deeper sense of belonging whether they are at home, in the classroom, on the field, or moving throughout their community.

“Rainier Athletes has been the perfect program for one of my struggling students. Before, my student was disciplined several times a week for inappropriate classroom behaviors and earned grades well below his potential. Since becoming involved in Rainier Athletes, my student has received no referrals for discipline, has engaged appropriately in his classwork, and even scored 100% on his last math assessment. I congratulate Rainier Athletes on the success of the program.”
— Participating Teacher, Lake Hills Elementary School