“Mentoring with Rainier Athletes is more than simply connecting with a young person once or twice per week. Being a part of Rainier Athletes means being a part of a larger community, a family. I’ve developed a deep relationship not only with my Rainier Athletes students but also with their teachers, coaches, families and all the other amazing Rainier Athletes mentors.” 
— RA Mentor, Odle Middle School


As a Mentor for Rainier Athletes, you are matched with a Rainier Athletes student who you will connect with weekly. You will undergo both pre and post match training and have the ongoing support of a dedicated Mentor Coach. You recognize that your impact depends on the level of connectedness between your RA student and their teachers, coaches, and family. You dedicate equal time meeting up with your mentee to build the relationship as you do aligning and connecting your mentee's core-supporters.

Time Commitment: Ranges from 1-3 hours/week

Key Responsibilities

  • Serve as your mentees main advocate on and off the field.

  • Connecting weekly with your mentee at their school during the school week. Mentors with mentees in 4th or 5th grade meet at lunch time and mentors with mentees in middle or high school meet after school.

  • Facilitate connections between RA students and their Core Pillars – teachers, coaches, and family

    • Formal communication: Track, record, and communicate RA Point System results via weekly synopsis report. Attend and set up formal meetings as necessary.

    • Informal communication: In person, call, text, email

  • Consistent communication with the Rainier Athletes’ Mentor Coaches

Initial Impact

  • Be an advocate and ally of RA students and their families

Commitment Details

  • Middle School Mentors: 1 hour/week in-person check-ins (typically on Friday after school) and 1 hour/month supporting Wednesday after school Character Curriculum (if your schedule permits).

  • Elementary School Mentors: 1 hour/week in-person check-ins (typically on Friday during the specific school's lunch hour) and 1 hour/month supporting organized recess (if your schedule permits).

  • All Mentors

    • ~1 hours/week communicating with RA student's Core Pillars – teachers, coaches, and family

    • Each mentor will complete an initial in-depth training and informational session. There will also be additional trainings throughout the year

    • Please note, we ideally ask Rainier Athletes mentors to commit to at least one full school year. This helps to create consistency and stability in the student’s life, something the student may have lacked prior to joining Rainier Athletes

Sustained Outcome

  • Cultivate a deep relationship with RA students that empowers them with a deeper sense of purpose and belonging in our community

  • Uphold and champion RA values of accountability, advocacy, and perseverance


  • In-person training on Rainier Athletes values and brand, compliance, and leadership development

  • Online materials, videos, and handouts

  • Monthly check-ins and quarterly reviews with RA Mentor Coaches

  • Open communication with RA Mentor Coaches and staff


  • Compassionate and patient

  • Listens and asks the questions to build trust in a relationship, including creating a safe space for difficult conversations

  • Communicative and consistent

  • Focuses on growth mindset

  • Inquisitive and curious about what motivates and excites people

  • Adaptable to a wide variety of personality types, from introverts to extroverts; youth to adults

  • Takes initiative, solves problems, is optimistic but realistic, collaborative, and reliable


  • Personal and professional development

  • Training provided on best practices for working with students in difficult situations

  • Quarterly mentor social get-togethers

  • Building relationships with youth in your community