The Challenge

We as a school district, we cannot do it all
— Shomari Jones | Director of Student Equity and Graduation Success, Bellevue School District


Rainier Athletes soon became more than the name of an organization; Rainier Athletes became the proud descriptor of some of my most needy students
— Sarah Geren Ziegler | 5th Grade Teacher at Lake Hills | 13 Year Veteran Bellevue School District Teacher
Rainier Athletes hold students accountable in a way that is desperately needed. I am impressed by their commitment to be the link between student, home, and school. They comprehensively track, monitor, and communicate with all three parties in real time. This accountability allows students to stumble at time, but immediately have the support to get back up and excel
— Amy Helm | Language Arts Teacher, Odle Middle School
Rainier Athlete mentors connect and align influential supporters in a young student’s life to provide the motivation that the schools cannot alone. The Rainier Athletes program delivery model works
— Judy Buckmaster | Executive Director of Student Services, Bellevue School District
Rainier Athletes is more than just a program, it’s a family
— Angel Moreno | Father of a Rainier Athlete 6th grader
Rainier Athletes provides a safety net that I have not seen and the data at Lake Hills is compelling. We have the lowest incidences of behavior referrals in 5th grade
— Kathy Myers | Principal, Lake Hills Elementary